GetVocal Surf-By-Tel Voice Browser

GetVocal's Voice Browser is transforming the way people interact with the web in this new mobile and digital age. The Mobile 2.0 market is the next evolution of anywhere, anytime, always-on computing technology. Apple's Siri technology is proving that all you need is a telephone and your voice!

With any simple telephone or skype or VoIP SIP client, you can now access HTML webpages, RSS newsfeeds, MP3 podcasts and music using our advanced speech recognition and text-to-speech powered GetVocal Voice Browser technology!

Whether you are interested in launching the next mobile social network or a speech-based telephony application, the GetVocal Voice Browser platform is the perfect solution!

GetVocal is built on our Surf-by-Tel technology which transcodes HTML Web pages and RSS feeds to industry-standard VoiceXML and visa versa to deliver speech recognition and text-to-speech technology enabling callers to surf the web using any telephone and their voice! This technology is perfect for mobile professionals and the visually impaired. Surf-by-Tel also supports MP3 files to allow your callers to listen to podcasts and music over the telephone or VoIP connection - even live streaming events!

Build powerful telephone applications with simple HTML or publish your home page to a telephone number.

No installation or setup required. Our Surf-By-Tel runs as a SaaS hosted application or can be deployed on premise and private-labeled to work with any VoiceXML Gateway platform. Sign Up today for a free account!

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