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GetVocal's Voice Browser is transforming the way people interact with the web in this new mobile and digital age. With a simple telephone or skype, you can now access HTML webpages, RSS newsfeeds, MP3 podcasts and music using our advanced speech recognition and text-to-speech technology!

Surf the web with your voice. Listen to pages being read to you over the telephone while you navigate around the page and even click on links with your voice or the touch tone keypad.
Listen to your favorite RSS newsfeeds including TechCrunch, Mashable, and LifeHacker with a telephone or skype.
Listen to MP3 and WAV files including podcasts, music, and live streaming audio. No ipod needed - only a telephone.
Bookmark your favorite websites and pages for quick access to frequently needed information.
Full web page navigation control of any web page with your voice or touch tone keypad.
Twitter integration! Listen to your live twitter stream via any telephone.
Our voice browser is Section 508 compliant making your websites instantly accessible to visually impaired people.
Custom application extensions available for developers and web designers.

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